Racial Segregation And Racial Equality Essay

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Whites persecuting blacks has been a constant in America’s history. Whites have used violence, intimidation, and terrorism to maintain their social dominance, economic advantage, and political security for centuries. Despite enormous strides, there is an uphill battle for racial equality still left to fight today. Nowhere was this racism so apparent in the twentieth century than in Forsyth County, Georgia. White Forsyth County residents drove the county’s entire black population out to “fulfill their inheritance and birth right” as the superior white people (Senior). Valuing racial purity, the white citizens considered merely a “black face as a threat to their entire way of life” and prosperity (Senior). Ethnocentric in their beliefs, the white community utterly obliterated an entire culture solely due to the fact that the culture wore a different skin than they did. Even though the white community of Forsyth County proclaimed that they won the fight “against n*ggers”, they did not (Senior). They only strengthened the cause for equality, integration, and tolerance among all people, which is something their bigoted minds cannot comprehend.
Toni Morrison and Alice Walker use their own struggles with racism and sexism to articulate the prejudice and oppression black women face in an American culture dominated by white men in The Bluest Eye and The Color Purple. Pecola and Celie, both young black women, exemplify this oppression not only through extreme sexual violence but also
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