Racial Segregation And The American Civil War

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Jim Crow Most of the historians had a belief that the end of American civil war brought with it recommendable changes as far as racism was concerned. This was not possible as there were white Americans who were conservatives and could not let go the racial discrimination, which they believed was the best order of life. The whites they maintained white supremacy by drafting Jim Crow law designed to separate white and black Americans. Jim Crow also consisted of societal behaviors all with the intension of making blacks inferior .Due to the laws and behaviors, African Americans following the Civil War faced economic, social and racial hardships. This was racial segregation regulations which were enacted between 1897 and mid-1960’s in the United States of America; these laws were meant to operate both locally and national with the same strength (Chafe et al. 22). They forced racial segregation in all public utilities. These laws stipulated a state of equality, but separation of the Americans with the African descent, these laws led to the creation of belief that the African Americans were inferior compared to their white counterparts who viewed themselves to be the superior race and to a greater stretch more important (Chafe et al. 35). Mainly applied in the southern states this de jure system led to a number of disadvantages to the African American fraternity ranging from social, economic and political. On the Northern side, there was a de facto system. The discrimination
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