Racial Segregation And The Civil Rights Era Essay

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The issue of race has always had a distinct influence throughout human history. The United States is no exception to the complexities surrounding race and social understanding and it has its own unique history of racial inequity, discrimination and other heinous atrocities. While the civil rights era helped defeat a lot of the most visible forms of racial impediments. The seemingly invisible forms of racial discrimination, like institutional racism is still a major problem in society. “Unlike in the pre–civil rights era, when racial prejudice and discrimination were overt and widespread, today discrimination is less readily identifiable, posing problems for social scientific conceptualization and measurement”. (Pager, 2008) In some ways institutional racism effects everyone in society by allowing us to feed into our own insecurities and make others feel like their efforts will never amount to the level that they want to achieve in life. Some of these inequities go completely unnoticed to the majority “Institutional racism describes how institutional structures and processes organize and promote racial inequity”. ‘‘These effects are suffused throughout the culture via institutional structures, ideological beliefs, and personal everyday actions of people in the culture, and these effects are passed on from generations to generations’’. (Griffith, 2007)
Although it might not be noticed by some members in society institutional racism is an influential factor in the lives and…
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