Racial Segregation And The United States Essay

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America was made up of power value, creating a barrier that indicates other races to be more superior then the other. People are divided into different races based on their genetic background. Social collaboration is what comes of such a divided racial community. Society has been tainted and brainwashed to believe people are defined by the color of their skin, which cause separation and borders to be created. Ethnicity and race are both socially constructed. Ethnicity has entities of race, however, it has more of a broad arena, ethnicity is made up of religion, nationality, heritage, and cultural practices. One racial group can contain a plethora of ethnicities.
Demographics in America have been reshaped in the past century. With an expansive immigration rate, the United States has grown to be a diverse country. The United States is quickly moving from being a nation that has a White Majority and minority groups of different races and ethnicities to one in which no single racial or ethnic group will be in the majority (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao 2013). Although many minority groups are continuing to migrate on to U.S territory, some have surpassed others making them the more dominant minority in America. Latinos have surpassed African America as the largest minority, and the portion of the country that is white has fallen from roughly ninety percent to sixty percent (Hajnal, Rivera 2014).
The word Latino is the root terminology of people who come from a descendant of Latin
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