Racial Segregation And The United States

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Racial segregation has been embedded in southern society ever since the birth of the America. However, even though documents such as Brown vs. Board of Education and the fourteenth amendment has been instituted into the constitution, we are still facing racial segregation throughout America that is unconstitutional and unjust. The south of America, especially Alabama, are facing several claims of racial tension in their prison system and their way to solve the tension between the black and white population is through segregation. The prison system has faced a lot of backlash, as 65% of their inmates consist of African Americans and 35% of them consist of white Americans. From time to time there has been violent encounters between white and black Americans, which have led to many unfortunate deaths. In order to simmer down the tension, the prison system thought it would be necessary to isolate inmates by race. The decision of segregation in Alabama’s prison system takes us back into history, when African Americans’ faced separate but equal law (Plessey vs. Ferguson) that separated whites from blacks in public facilities. This action is total nonsense and Alabama’s governing systems needs to find methods in which can diversify black and white American’s together to unify with each other through actives and interactions.
When the prison system had separated white American’s from black American’s, tensions had calmed down in the prison, as well as the cities in Alabama that
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