Racial Segregation And The War Industry

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As I see in the cartoons, there were race issues going on with blacks and jews being slaved by someone who discriminates against employees. In the I”ll Run Democracy, 1942 picture the man told them to stay in there Jim Crow tanks. Jim Crow laws were state and local laws enforcing racial segregation. The laws let discrimination and segregation keeps blacks and jews from getting jobs. In the other two pictures Listen Maestro and German Manicure you see Uncle Sam telling the war industry to keep making the blacks and whites work together to create a good sound. which came in context when he told him to keep playing them. The German Manicure picture showed Sam going to get his hand cut off by the U.S. Nazis and Anti semitism means they don’t like jews. All of this was going on internally that led to these other issues. After WW II, Fascism, “Instituted in Germany by Hitler” (America a Concise History 695) created an authoritative government. Hitler was controlling the government and making people do what he said and wanted. They believed that they were the superior race. Fascism came about in Italy in the years of 1920, but developed in the countries Germany, Spain, and France (America a Concise History 695). WW I caused the rise of fascism because Italy was destroyed and took an economic downfall so Mussolini decided to take it upon himself along with Adolf Hitler to get their countries back again. As stated in Chapter 24, “fascists leaders worldwide disparaged parliamentary
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