Racial Segregation : Made Up Differences

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Racial Segregation; made-up differences. Racial segregation is the idea that every race is certainly different, but it also leads to the idea that certain races don’t belong and are barely human. Some people, civilized, educated, yet ignorant people, thought that everyone normal was white. Racial segregation was so strong at first, that many men believed that people of other races were more as property. Many people believe racial segregation was born in the middle of the 1800’s. This is a misunderstanding, racial segregation was actually when the English started taking over Native American territory. The English thought of Native Americans as savages who were ignorant. Due to this, they took advantage of the Native Americans and took their land. Afterwards, the United States took some land and in return, gave them land in another location. Racial segregation has been around for a long time. What makes racial segregation even more serious is the fact that not everyone gets along. Racial segregation is based on the fact that not every race is equal. It is also based on physical appearance, intelligence, and skill/ ability. Racial Segregation shouldn’t be serious however. Racial Segregation is just another example that shows everyone is different. No matter what race, age, or gender, everyone is different. No one is the same; some may be alike but never the same. Race is really nothing but ethnicity. Ethnicity is revolved around one’s birthplace. Someone who was born in a…
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