Racial Segregation : Made Up Differences

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Racial Segregation; made-up differences. Racial segregation is the idea that every race is certainly different, but it also leads to the idea that certain races don’t belong and are barely human. Some people, civilized, educated, yet ignorant people, thought that everyone normal was white. Racial segregation was so strong at first, that many men believed that people of other races were more as property. Many people believe racial segregation was born in the middle of the 1800’s. This is a misunderstanding, racial segregation was actually when the English started taking over Native American territory. The English thought of Native Americans as savages who were ignorant. Due to this, they took advantage of the Native Americans and took…show more content…
Someone who is African is most likely to be African or African American. This is the relationship between race and birthplace. Another mistake for racial segregation is that some believe some races are superior to others. No race is superior, every race is different, but must be equally respected. The only difference between each race is its heritage, culture, religion, and appearance. Religion may be considered a major difference, but even some people in the same race can choose a different religion. Some people take their race’s culture really serious, but religious is also varied as well. Culture is another major difference is culture. Not everyone dresses the same, not everyone likes the same music, and not everyone eats the same food. This difference doesn’t please everyone, and although it may be offending, that is an example of how diverse people around the world are. No one is obligated to live a certain way, no one is obligated to think in a specific way, and no one should be forced to change in a certain way. As John Locke’s idea, “every human has the right to life, liberty, and property.” These ideas were called, “natural rights”. Racism is merely a point of view. It is a biased point of view from people who want others to be like them. The thought of segregation is that people who are different should be isolated. But is that really such a bright thought? This leads back to the thought of races being superior to each
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