Racial Segregation Of Chicago And Explosive Gang Related Crime

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ethnic groups occurred in every ‘transitional’ neighborhood, the ‘succession’ of African Americans out of their areas of ‘first settlement’ was systematically blocked” (Hagedorn 197). By doing the aforementioned the white gang’s behaviors have contributed to the racial segregation of Chicago and the explosive gang related crime in the present day south side of Chicago. Just like African Americans formed gangs to protect themselves against Chicago 's white gangs, the Latin Kings formed in Chicago with the same intent. In Chicago Mr. Sanchez a member of the Latin Kings gang shared in an interview:
How the Latin Kings were originally formed decades ago to protect the Puerto Rican community against racist whites, only to see them turn on their own people and themselves ‘The Latin Kings represented the struggle for the Latino equality,’ he writes. I realized that I was one of those who had played a big part in transforming the Kings from heroes to cold-blooded murderers (PR Newswire)
Sanchez accurately describes the violent nature of the Latin Kings have, but he fails to focus on, “the police brutality and corruption that fuel the gang violence” (PR Newswire). Throughout our nation 's history the African American and Latino communities have demonstrated distrust towards the police because of the history of police brutality. The Henry Horner apartments were Projects in Chicago that had consistent gang violence during the 1960’s. In There Are No Children Here: The Story of…
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