Essay on Racial Segregation in Beauty Pageants

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Racial Segregation in Beauty Pageant
The United States of America supposedly encompasses resilience and advocates equality. Apparently, the United States of America abides for progress on racial discrimination and understands, accepts, and respects all races. But in reality we are not united with all races; thus we just make up America, not the United States of America. President Barack Obama affirms, “....there is not a black America and a white America and latino America and asian America - there's the United States of America” (Obama). In pursuance to evolve into the United States of America, as opposed to a disembodied one, we need to act like the unrestricted, free willing, and affirmative country that we say we are.
Beauty pageant
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If we did not think so ignorantly, then we would have realized that Nina stands as an American, even though being of Arabic descent or practicing Islam would not make her any less qualifiable for the crown. Nina comes from an Indian, more specifically a Hindu family. Her parents are from Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh which lies hundreds of kilometers away from Saudi Arabia. On top of that, Saudi Arabia and India have had problems with each other and would not like to be affiliated with one another. My guess of Nina being Arabic can be recorded as a nescience misunderstanding because of Nina’s complexion. Nina has a deep brown complexion and if she were to participate in an Indian beauty pageant she would probably have a tough time being accepted in the Indian audience as well. Although Nina is breathtakingly beautiful, she confronts the ideal Indian beauty by having a darker skin tone. India gives importance to skin lightening techniques, and the idea follows that the lighter the skin tone, the more beautiful the girl is. The irony of Nina’s win will redefine the beauty standards across India and America.
As we have already established, Nina has Indian ethnicity, but she is American born. Like Nina, I am an Indian born American too, and it is not always easy balancing Indian cultures and American cultures together. Nonetheless, Nina shows off her Indian talents without stepping out of American
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