Racial Slurs In Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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There are some that do believe the book is good but the use of the racial slurs are not to be taught in the school system. From the moment the book was published , Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" caused major controversy. The book challenged parental and adult authority, made fun of religion and was said to have influenced the attendance of children at school. From the time the book was written to now this is still makes headlines on the controversy the book causes. There have been districts in America that ban this classic book for the reason of the word “nigger”, a word so offensive it is usually called the N-word. Is a good thing to change the word from one thing to another? “that might be a trick question, any answer I give…show more content…
Also every person they call “nigger” does not have to necessarily be a slave. For example now in day the word “nigger” is a word african americans use among themselves, it is only okay when they are the ones saying, If a white person or any other person would try to call them this they would get offended as the history the word has and also they do not know the intentions that are being used with the word itself. The publisher of the new book’s aim was to appease to the sensitivities of modern readers by doing what he did, the replacement of all 219 instances of the word nigger to slave(willmore). The “~n-word” was put in the book a word as it speaks to a society that casually dehumanizing black people and the word “slave” is just a job description. This is much true now in day the word is used heavily among pop culture and rappers. Usually black rappers are the ones using the word but if the song is to blow up and become well known everyone singing it will just be throwing the word out there. It is not like they can make the songwriters change the word “nigger” in their song to
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