Racial Slurs, Words of Hate

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Words of Hate “Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but words will never hurt me”, goes one old playground rhyme. We are usually taught to ignore a person who uses foul language, but everyone knows that words can really hurt a person. When someone uses hateful words against us, it can hurt just as much as a slap or a punch. When people start to use obscenities with ethnic or racial slurs, it can push some sensitive buttons. Racial slurs used in a joking manner leads to others using it in a condescending manner, which ultimately leads to violence and feelings of hatred. From my experience, racial slurs can cause the most extreme negative reactions in people. Racial slurs often induce violence, but with more of a reason by some,…show more content…
One of the students thought of that as unfair and whispered to himself “dumb nigger”. I remember how awful it made me feel, and because it was a small school of about 25 students per grade, I was the only one of color in mine, which made me feel like I did not belong because I was different. I sometimes look back and think, how could a child in the fifth grade use such negative words? I then realize they learn to use it that way from all different types of sources such as the media, friends and family, and so on. Naylor claims, “If the word was to disappear totally from the mouths of even the most liberal of white society, no one in that room was naïve enough to believe it would disappear from white minds.” That is true for our generation, but if we can stop contaminating the minds of our children to come, the idea of using all types of racial slurs in a negative connotation can be eliminated. I often find amongst people of the same race use these racial slurs towards each other. They may justify them by thinking they are just joking around, not realizing they are saying words giving the meaning of racial prejudice, ignorance, or lack of understanding. For example, most African Americans I know call each other “Nigga” almost every time they speak to, or about someone. Racial slurs are extreme hate words, but to some, it is considered an endearment. As Naylor explains, “When used with a possessive adjective by a woman -“my
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