Racial Socialization

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Racial socialization is currently a major issue within today’s society. There are many different ways it can stem from such as your parents, friends, media, or community. People that choose to discriminate against others fail to realize that it can have a huge, negative impact on themselves and society. Such topic relates to early childhood education because young children are at the age where their social and cognitive development can be shaped into thinking or acting a certain way. Therefore, early childhood educators have the ability to teach young ones to have positive racial attitudes. I believe speaking on such topic is important and beneficial to bring awareness to help others understand that racism is not okay and we should do what we can to prevent it from expanding.
It has been said many times that, “racism is taught- you are not born a racist.” The question is, where do people learn their negative racial attitudes from? It can stem from many different causes such as your family members, friends, media, or your community. Personally, I believe that your parents are a big influencer on how you are as a person- how they raise you plays a big part on how you view society and the world as you get older. Research says that a parent and child’s relationship is a strong predictor of an individual’s adjustment (Cole, 2014). Young kids that are constantly being exposed to racial stereotypes will embed those stereotypes within and will continue to think the same as they get
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