Racial Stereotype Proposal : Racial Stereotypes

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Sean Ly Trista Martin LA202-OL4 April 26, 2015 Proposal Essay Racial Stereotype Proposal Media has become the key source of entertainment in United States especially on the sector of movie production. Most United States movies have some type of involvement with racial stereotype on specific ethnic groups. United States movies usually portray the negative side of African-Americans in all their movies. This is a huge problem to the society of United States especially black Americans. The presentation of the negative side of African-Americans in the media effects how they perceive themselves in the society and it also changes how other races perceive themselves. Many people may ignore the issue but it is menace because it is more related with racism. Many Americans and other races have lost hope in Americans because of the picture that is created in their minds by the media. Media argue that racial stereotype has no effect and it is one way of boosting movie and other entertainment industries. However, racial stereotype on blacks in United States is of no good at all. Racial stereotype in the media can be discouraged by the government of United States by instituting a law that would prohibit the production of movies and other entertainment materials that portrays the negative side of a specific ethnic group. Media has been a key factor of influence in United States where 99% of United States citizens are in a position of accessing the media. This is mainly through
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