Racial Stereotypes And Racial Inequality

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I. Introduction To this day there are still many unresolved issues of racial stereotypes and racial inequality throughout the United States. And it is undeniably seen that the world today embraces multi-cultural and sexual orientation, yet there is still an unsupportable intolerance towards ethnicities and difference. The biggest issue in the world today is the struggle for African Americans to end racial stereotypes that they have inherited from their past, and to bridge the gap between acceptance and social justice. One of the most effective ways that blacks have found to bridge this gap, was to create a new way for society to see the struggles on an entire race; this way was created through art. African American artists from around the world are utilizing their skills to bring awareness to racial stereotypes and social justice. When I became and artist, I was afraid that I would not be accepted in the art world because of my race, but it was from the creation beauty and truth in African American art that I was able to see that I could succeed. When I saw this art my immediate feeling was that I was that I was proud of my race. I knew that I wanted to be an artist and I knew that I had a chance to do something great and to make those around me proud. It was because of contemporary African American artists art that I realized what beauty and truth could do to a person’s perspective. Looking back on this, I’m reminded that the most important thing about beauty and truth is
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