Racial Stereotypes And Young Children

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Racial Stereotypes and Young Children
Nishat Hamid
University of California, Irvine

Do Racial Stereotypes Exist in Children at a Young Age
Aboud’s (1988) review of 20 years of research in this field concluded that children as young as 3–4 years of age demonstrate ethnic and racial awareness, with finer discriminative and conceptual skills developing thereafter. While segregation was put to a halt several years ago, there are still major debates on whether discrimination still exists in the world today. The subject is of great interest especially after recent racial events such as the Trayvon Martin case, the horrifying September 11th attacks, and the fist fights that break out in schools around the country. Whether it means riots because of racial hatred, online jokes offending different cultures or the stereotypes we see emerge; the world responds to these attacks and events very differently. While men and women of all races and color are equal according to the constitution, stereotypes still exist today. Everyday an African American is accused of being a thief, a Muslim is accused of being a terrorist, and a Mexican boy is looked at as a thug. The online social media is filled with arguments and debates as people question “why is it always the black guy who’s always guilty” or “he wouldn’t have been shot if he was white”. But at what age do these stereotypical thoughts start to emerge in children?
Prior research in the field has shown that racial…
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