Racial Stereotypes Of Deaf And Deaf

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Cultural stereotypes used to consider deafness to be a great misfortune, but being deaf does not limit the abilities of a person. Members of the Deaf community consider deafness to be normal rather than a disability. A deaf people can do anything a hearing person can do, such as, drive, participate in group activities, communicate, and have normal lives. Deaf In the film “Through Deaf Eyes”, an HDTV documentary including interviews, personal stories, and historic accounts, the prejudice and affirmation of Deaf culture is revealed to show hearing people the reality of deaf life. Through this film, I have learned about education for deaf people, the Deaf President Now Movement, and about cochlear implants. The Fist thing I learned from watching “Through Deaf Eyes” is the differences between deaf speaking schools and deaf ASL schools. Deaf speaking schools teach deaf people to communicate using speech through speech therapy. Speaking schools are good because they enables a deaf person to learn speech to talk with a hearing person. The problem with speaking schools is that they are not always effective and ban the use of ASL. Speech therapy creates a one way method of communication between a deaf person and a hearing person. With speech a deaf person is able to speak with a hearing person, but they are still not able to hear the person they are talking to. Unlike speaking schools, ASL schools teach their students to communicate with sign language. ASL is a language that uses…

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