Racial Violence, By Jacob Lawrence 's Migration Series

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Emmett Till was just a fourteen year old boy in 1955 when his life was viciously take from him. He had reportedly flirted with a white woman while visiting his relative in Mississippi. His attackers took him out of his family’s home in the middle of the night, and tortured him and then eventually disposed of his body in the Tallahatchie River. After his body was discovered, his mother insisted that his body be sent home to Chicago in order for the family to bury him. At his funeral, his mother had an open casket so everyone could see what had happened to her poor boy. Racial violence, as expressed through music, imaging, and poems, is a problem that continues even today and reflects America’s challenging history with slavery and segregation. Not only is racial violence shown throughout history in music, but also throughout “Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series. The Migration series is a collection of paintings, photographs, poems, songs, and information about what the African Americans went through as they tried to find their new place in society as freedmen and women. Panel 50 depicts a painting a white man going after an African American with a weapon, while the African American is also going after someone with a weapon except he is going after a white man, who also has a weapon. This is a scene from one of the racial riots that went on after World War I. The white men were angry with the African Americans because they were taking the jobs of the white men, while the white

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