Racial and Ethnic Inequality

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Mashell Chapeyama Business Administration Sociology Key words Racial inequality, ethnic inequality, geographic location, discrimination, cultural orientation Causes of racial and ethnic inequality This discussion looks at the causes of racial and ethnic inequalities in the world. There are a number of causes of inequalities. Some causes are geographical location and discrimination. However inequality is on the decline on a global scale. Racial and ethnic inequality is found in many countries where there are either many races or ethnics or both. In Zimbabwe there is racial and ethnic inequality. There are various reasons for that. Whereas my discussion covers what is basically in my country, I have also researched on…show more content…
That led them to create laws that made it difficult for other races to access valuable resources. There was also segregation on which schools the other races would attend. For example blacks were not allowed to attend the same schools as the whites. Power also leads to inequality. The race which is more powerful has more resources than the other races or ethnic groups. Hence such powerful groups amass more wealth. They get the best education and hence get the most paying jobs. Some races would not like to employee other races or ethnic groups. Definitely there is going to be an improvement in the future in as far as inequality is concerned. Inequality will be reduced immensely. Looking at the trend such inequality has been in decline over the years. This is due to the human rights awareness and the widening of opportunities. Most people, irrespective of race or ethnic groups, are having access to better education. Employment opportunities are now opened to any one. Legislations have changed over the years. For example most countries of the world now obey the Geneva Convention on human rights. All people of the world are accorded equal opportunities. Most governments have erected laws that eliminate racism and any forms of segregation. Globalization has also allowed many people to seek opportunities anywhere in the world. For example a
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