Racine We Were Friends.

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RACINE We Were Friends “I have been with you for 5 years now. Racine something is missing in your life,” Roxie told Racine. It had not been 24 hours since Racine caught her trying to hook up with her man Robert. “I know you’re mad about yesterday Racine. You may not ever believe me again. But, I love you,” Roxie admitted. They did something Racine never thought she’d do in a million years. They slept together one time with Robert. To Racine it was good. She had loved the way Roxie sucked her tits but that was all. She was not going to do it again because she was not bi-sexual or a lesbian and these off experiences were reflected in her innate need to be nurtured because of the absence of her father. She considered this aberration as she…show more content…
She had tried to hold back but Roxie took the bitch there. “You need to find your father. You need some help taking care of ICE. It’s unfair to have all of that placed on you Racine,” Roxie said sipping hot chocolate. “You hold so much of your real feelings inside and it all comes out during sex. You’re terribly afraid of the real you being out there,” Roxie speculated. “You know this Roxie and try to sleep with my man to destroy our rela-tionship?” Racine asked her, she finished, “to hurt me?” she asked Roxie. “There is not a woman on the planet more beautiful than you Racine and I have to admit it makes me jealous. I am a dark-skinned woman who gets in club through you. Men look at you first and me second. We have been hanging too long for you not to notice that. It’s inevitable that one day somebody has to hurt you, that includes me. Don’t sweat a bitch for trying to come up,” Roxie smiled, sipping her drink. Knowing she could not take any more of trying to connect the missing pieces in her life, in a very surprising and disturbing move – Racine broke down crying. It was the first time in her life she cried so hard. She cried because of the confusion, because people used her, because she knew life without her mother was going to be more confusing. She cried harder than Roxie had ever seen anyone cry. Roxie wanted to console her and couldn’t. to Roxie, Racine had it all. Racine had cussed
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