Racism : A Serious Social Issue

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Racism has begun many decades ago, and it has not gone away from the world. The history told us about different kinds of racism that happened for different reasons. The racism still exists in schools and work places. When some people think they have abilities or specific characteristics that are better than others, this can be called racism. For instance, some people may think that they have better skin color, body type, and place of birth, look, or language. Also, they may think that the skin color, for instance, can define the physical or mental abilities. Racism is a serious social issue that can cause many problems such as interior conflicts, gangs and the war. The people will not acquire racism instinctually, but they will learn it as they grow up. In some places, it can be as obvious as if one can feel or touch it because everyone can notice the different treatments among different groups of people. How to deal with racism? Since racism can cause many difficult issues among people or even countries, governments and organizations try to reduce the effect of racism. There are three main problems as follows. First, the main reason can cause the racism is the lack of knowledge. Younger people do not get enough learning of other people’s behaviors, subjects on some world events and politics. When the lack of knowledge keeps going, the racism will grow in the world. Also, we can call this problem shortage of understanding and gap of knowledge. When people do not

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