Racism Affects Social and Economic Life

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RACISM AFFECTS SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC LIFE With growing technology and increasing population, world’s situation is changing day by day. Those changings bring both positive and negative norms for humanity. Increasing population force people to find places which are far away from their own cultural places and combined with other cultures in a small area. People usually prefer to live in cities which they can find their needs easily and have self improvement. Because of those reasons immigration occurs and people start to go places and live in a homogenius environment with people who come from many different cultures. Being in a homogenius environment brings usually racism issue. African- American people one of ethnic group who…show more content…
It’s an another example for how African-American people feel and labels forced to take on by society. Harsh part of this situation is in a place called college where people reached a level of education and try to improve education level more makes discrimination directly toward a person without thinking results and damages. We can’t say those kind of things happening all of the places and all of the people acting like that but the main problem is huge part of population makes those kind of discriminations even they got some education. This affects both relationships with people and personal benefits. Nobody wants to be socialized with the people who may prejudist him and don’t want to spend his potential to improve self with the help of people who may judge or being racist to him. After education and social life part, it will also affect person’s career because in that kind of environment, a person may be afraid of showing potential of self because fear of being judged or humulate. African-American people affected by racism in many areas such as economic and social life. Society can be called as a social network which people socialized, gain a vision or find a way to stand in a life. And in this network, many people participate and try to live their life with socializing, working and having education. Since people started to communicate and settle down, many thoughts and norms occured. Those issues somehow became part of
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