Racism And Chattel Slavery Has A Unique History Within America

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Those who are patriotic proud Americans, would love to believe that their government and criminal justice system is fair and equal in every way. Even when one learns about the government at a young age in public school, they are told from a whitewashed Eurocentric male point of view that those who make the laws and run the government (who are white men), do it for the greater good of the American people, that they honor fairness/equality, and fought for the freedom of all Americans. However, when one actually researches deeper to look at the entirety of the founding fathers lifestyles, and what the American government was built upon, racism comes into play and has yet to leave. Although this dark history is pushed aside in whitewashed history books, and is rarely discussed when talking about the founding fathers actions, it is still extremely important. Racism and chattel slavery has a unique history within America, since the after effects are still lingering in laws, and within people minds who have passed down such racist ideas to their children who carry the same rhetoric, racism has never died. Today we have a society as a whole that in order to please whiteness, all else deemed other/marked as nonwhite receives negative treatment. This perceived white superiority doesn’t exist without using blackness and anything else nonwhite as inferior. If it were scientifically true, that whites and anything light was indeed better/above blackness, it wouldn’t need to be taught if
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