Racism And Dissemination Based On Hatred And Racial Superiority

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Racism on the Internet Kristofer Palmer Texas A&M University San Antonio Aug 8, 2014 Racism and dissemination based on hatred and racial superiority were pressing social problem prior to the emergence of the information age and digital communications. Long before the internet entered our homes racist groups made use of other communication tools including the telephone networks as far back as the 1970s. However the advancement of the digital communication age has added a new dimension to this problem by providing individuals in organizations modern and powerful means to support racism in xenophobia. The Internet is becoming our main means of communication creating a unique set of challenges and communication barriers particularly when it comes to the proliferation of extremist and racist material. The internet functions as a dangerous facilitator for various racist messages, and the proliferation of racist material will continue with the increased usage of the internet. The Internet has made great leaps in the field of personal freedom however that has also led to an increase in racism and extremism which can lead to the destruction of human empathy. All racist websites are hate oriented sites, but while hate sites often carry racist information, some may also contain anti-abortion extremist and anti-gay information as well. While discriminatory hate sites are best

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