Racism And Its Effect On Our Society

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From generation to generation, our society undergoes change. Things that would be considered abnormal or strange in the past are most likely now accepted or praised, at the very least tolerated. One thing that should never be tolerated however, is rudeness. Civility is in a decline in our nation and the evidence is all around us. In fact, 79% of Americans feel rudeness has reached epidemic proportions and is now a serious national problem. (Public Agenda) Rudeness is everywhere. It’s in our schools, workforce, cyber space, media, and even our government. Civilians hailing cabs only for another to sneak in, homeless people begging for loose change only to get laughed at or picked on, children being made fun of at school due to not having the same things as other kids their age. Times have changed in our country, and its time people acknowledge it.
Imagine, children afraid to go to school for fear of a bully or rude teacher, working Americans quitting jobs because of harsh treatment on the job, our country run by cruelty. Incivility is a growing epidemic which should be concerning to anyone even remotely paying attention to it. Rudeness may seem to others as simple harmless jabs for comedic purposes, but it can lead to so much more, such as an increase in violence which can lead to an increase in crime. What can we do to combat this? According to etiquette expert Letitia Baldridge, “We ought to be vigilantes for kindness and consideration."
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