Racism And Its Effects On African Americans

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“Racism the belief to distinguish a race with beliefs that they are superior to another”. As racism remains a major setback in America, it is in no Comparison to how it was like back in the days. From the pain it caused and the poor innocent people being tarnished on just cause of the color on their skin, this was a horrific phase to those who lived upon it. We have accomplished enormously but then again we still have much to improve. With the most discreet subtle form, modern racism is slowly catching up to us.
In the past racism was something of the norm, from being treated like animals to also being taken as a joke. We as African Americans have gone through it all, and today I as a proud African American will talk about the uprising and the downfalls of my people. Anyhow during the uproar of segregation African Americans encountered degrading acts towards them as bad as seeing their moms, dads, brothers, and sisters being lynched. However such terrifying acts came to a minor halt when the murder of Emmett Till arose. The severe racial aggression shown upon him proves how the hatred and dislike of Blacks was critical. He was only a young fourteen year old boy who was not yet experienced to the hard segregation of Mississippi. “ They beat him nearly to death, gouged his eye out, shot him in the head, and threw his body tied to a cotton gin fan wrapped in barbed wire into the river” this quote obtained From the Emmett Till Biography just describes the pain that was…
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