Racism And Its Effects On African Americans

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Racism one of the more wacky position held by a major portion of the human race. Can you think a world in which a golden retriever hated black Labs? That is exactly how measly people look when they feel panic and differentiate against other people for the tint of their leather. unluckily, in spite of dialectics and reason, color bar remains ancient of origin and continual in to our present days. The word slavery has been connected with the African people since the Laying vessel of the European mayflower in 1620 at the eastern shores of the united states. Slave traders has kidnapped and buy millions of black people from Africa. The black African work in agriculture, they cultivation of vast tracts, and convert it to a fertile lands, filled with fruits and vegetables, but unfortunately all this work was for nothing they were working for free. White people treat them in a bad and harsh way, all works that’s need an effort it was for the black people, they were deprived from their rights as a human. They were treated in more than one country in a bad way, for example there was a law which prevent the black people to set into behind a white person in a bus. One case for this law , a women called Rose Barx which was sitting on her chair and a white man come, so the driver order her to stand out and let him set down instead of her, but rose refuse to leave her seat , which lead the driver to call the police and arrest her because of violating the law. After this story accrued,
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