Racism And Its Effects On Our Economy, Government, And Security

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Everyone is racist. I’m not saying this as an affront to you, or anyone else. It’s simply a fact. “Harvard researchers have found that the first things the brain recognizes when interacting with other people is race and gender.” (Puiu) Although seemingly unimportant, this fact is a vital part of understanding humanity’s functioning as a whole, and especially in a worldwide situation, where understanding and cooperation are crucial. On a worldwide scale, there are multiple examples of racism that critically affect our economy, government, and security. “... a wave of violence against African farm workers in southern Italy left some 70 people injured. This resulted in police having to evacuate over 300 workers from the region… In April 1999, London saw two bombs explode in predominantly ethnic minority areas, in the space of one week… in June 1998, One Nation, an Australian nationalist party in Queensland won 25 percent of the votes with their main lines at fighting immigration by non-whites... lynchings were increasing. It even led to the Indian government issuing an advisory warning about the dangers of traveling to Melbourne." (BBC) The statistics above are clear indicators of the effects and dangers of racism, especially institutional racism. Institutional racism is a widespread system of inequality based on race, especially in institutions such as private corporations and government bodies, and is of special concern in schools. In my elementary school, I had a classmate

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