Racism And Its Effects On Society

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Look around you. If you are in school, observe the hallways or your class. If you are at home, inspect your neighborhood. If you are at a store, take notice of its customers and workers. How many people of different races do you see? How many people identify with each race? Chances are, a majority of the people affiliate with one race. It’s 8am and you may be in your first block class or grocery shopping and the effects of racism have already impacted your day. Right now, you are encountering a border posed by racism: segregation. Racism and its effects can not only be seen around us but can also be traced throughout countless readings in HWOC this year. Almost every literary work focuses on the topic or underscores at its effects, and today, you can walk into any library or bookstore and find something, whether it be a news article or chapter book, regarding racial conflict. This alone is evidence of how racism has integrated our society and continues to inform and manipulate our minds. The literature we have been exposed to this past year is a reflection of society, similar to a reflection in a mirror showing us the piece of hair sticking up in the back, literature is showing us the problem so it can be addressed. Racism has plagued society for centuries. Bob Dylan addressed this obstacle in his ballad that reflected the death of Emmett Till. Emmett was a fourteen-year-old African American boy from Chicago who was brutally killed for flirting with a white woman. Dylan
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