Racism And Music

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With the progress in technology, music is available for listening at any time. Music always had many psychological impacts and different meanings for each person at different periods of the life.
We use music to express ourselves, from telling the stories to our kids, to letting the other into our thoughts and create memories, and might affect any gender in our society. This paper examines the relationship of music and the effect of that in three ways which are: Emotional impact: define as temporary feeling and can be positive or negative. Effect on language: music can put right or wrong messages in the songs and effect body language. Racism: which some music has a large effect against racism.
In today’s society music, sometimes can affect our emotions negatively as well as positively. Every parent of any gender types knows that certain kinds of music like rap, metal and hip hop can
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Racism encourage many singers to make the music against the other races. Creating rap song influences black people to lean more toward racism against white people. Racism in society music has been making enemies for a long time. There are many discrimination in hip hop and rap music that played a huge role in lots of the music made. Artists like Tupac, Kanye West and Eminem are known for writing songs involves in to these issues. This songs shows images of gangs, guns, and violence, women, yet it became very popular. These violent lyrics in songs can be a cause for some teenagers to start fights, even kill each other But unfortunately our culture has accepted these stereotypes, according to mead “to each individual there was given the security, although it might be the security of despair, of a set role, and the reward of being born into a highly complex society” (p17) we need to feel safe around music, so many people listening to music and the videos, they feel as though this casual racism is normal and is acceptable is
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