Racism And Oppression Of African Americans

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Nevertheless, it can be seen all around us. From the 1950’s, African Americans have been the laughing stock of America. They have been enslaved, beaten, persecuted, mocked, oppressed, and hated. America treated the black population like animals. Wars raged and lives were lost, all for the sake of wanting normality. Because one person noticed that they were different colors, saw their prosperity, and became afraid. His fear than drove him to violence, by attempting to wipe them out. It is easy, being America to simply brush these historical events under the rug. Forgetting about them or minimizing them is very simple, especially for us who caused the pain. Many people think that these times are over, however, racism and oppression never truly vanished. All one has to do is look around society today. “Take employment or housing or health care or education or take imprisonment” (www.revcom.us/a/144/BNQ-en.html) for example, all of these areas are extremely oppressive to today’s minority group; African Americans. Simply reading the news, evidence of racism and its affects upon culture can be seen everywhere. For example, on September 18 a young black man by the name of Crawford, unjustly lost his life due to racism. Van Jonas, reporter for CNN news writes, “Crawford was 22 years old when he and his girlfriend went to the Wal-Mart last month in Beavercreek, a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. They planned to pick up the ingredients for s 'mores for a family cookout. Crawford had two young…
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