Racism And Polite Speech In The African-American Community

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the African American community, polite speech creates a sense of unity. If one black person sees a stranger that also happens to be black, they will oftentimes speak to them. This tends to happen more than usual if the two are in a location where there are few to no other African Americans. Many may question whether all black people know each other, the simple answer is no, but the community is so amalgamated that we do not feel uncomfortable speaking to one another. This “How are you?” or “Alright,” or even just a head nod communicates that African Americans are some sort of family, one that sticks together. Here in America, finding people who look like you can be a bit of a challenge if you are not white. A gentle gesture of kindness can portray togetherness—especially when you do not look like any of the people around you. Racism is much better than it used to be, but …show more content…

When someone speaks to you in public, it can create a feeling of friendliness between you and that person. If this person, or group of people, has features that are similar to yours, that comfort might increase, creating a bond of sorts. The television show “Blackish” on ABC has an episode that speaks to this topic directly. In this episode, a father tries to help his son make friends. To do this, he mentions “the head nod.” He explains that most, if not all black people discreetly nod at each other in public. Doing so makes them feel more secure when they are in a situation that makes them a minority. Polite speech is not just a common courtesy in the black community, but a method of expressing unity. Many African Americans greet one another in public, whether or not they know each other. These gestures benefit not only individual people, but the culture of African Americans as a whole. Being polite can affect anyone, but in certain situations, it brings a culture

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