Racism And Prejudice By Harper Lee Essay

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In the novel “To kill a mocking bird” by Harper Lee the theme of racism and prejudice are used to comment on the society of Maycomb in 1930’s. I am going to discuss the ideas of oppression of Tom Robinson because of his race, the prejudice against Boo Radly that grew the spread of rumours within Maycomb and Atticus the moral compass of Maycomb. Within the town of Maycomb there are black and white people. One of the strong characters within the black community was Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson was a 25 year old black man, he is a polite and helpful man. He does so because that is who he is, he does it out of kindness towards Mayella Ewell and other characters. Tom works in the fields and the only way to get there was past the Ewell’s house. Because tom is a polite man he greets her every morning he walks past on his way to work. One day Mayella Ewell, she offers him a nickel to bust up this chiffarobe for her. This was the first time she ever asked him to come inside her properties fence. He is happy to help so he goes on in and busts up the chiffarobe then he went on his way to work. He didn’t accept payment of any kind because he knew she had no spare nickels to part with. Since then he has continued doing the odd jobs for her. One day Mayella gets beaten up by her father, Bob Ewell after he sees Tom at his house. Who then proceeds to run to the sheriff and claimed that some nigger had raped his girl. "Mr. Ewell came in, very excited he was, and said get out to his house
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