Racism And Race Related Issues

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In the American Constitution, the first amendment is the Freedom of Speech. It says that people should have their voices heard, but at the same time if an individual don’t know what they saying, they should have other ethnicity different point of views. During the major incidents that’ve been happening in 2014 and 2015, when it comes to racism and race related issues, we only hear one voice. Media said that many of the writers covering these topics in the past have been from the majority white men, writing about issues that don 't really affect them. These issues should be covered by black writers men, or women.
A lot of racial incidents has been happening in African American communities, such as the police brutality in Ferguson, and Baltimore between 2014 and 2015. Racism, discrimination, and police brutality, which will still happen because other minorities don’t understand the history of the African American. And even though if they did, they still would do basically the same thing. Minority groups, such as the black community, should have their voices heard about things concerning racism and oppression. Because most of the oppressed are happening with Black African American. While others, who have no experience with discrimination should not speak on the topic. If minority voices were given more attention and coverage about race related issues and racism in America, we would be able to make progress in correcting certain problems. By doing so, this would help
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