Racism And Racism Essay

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Battleground: Stories of Violence and Discrimination
The United States have been a divided country since the dawn of the Civil War due to conflicts of Slavery and freedom of African-Americans. Many historians speculate that the Civil War prompted the Civil Rights Movement that was led by African-American leaders, most noticeably Martin Luther King Jr. But, African-Americans believed that this movement did not create a strong impact towards society and continued to hear and suffer through oppression of white society. Throughout the film, racism and violence played a huge role and presented the gap between the regular lives of various African American peoples and community that are opposed. Director Spike Lee uses insulting diction and
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So since we spend so much money here, we do have some say.” Sal ends up kicking him out. What happened in this scene reminds me of Martin Luther King’s letter from Birmingham Jail. King talks about signs in businesses that may be seen as racial. It shows how the owner respects the fact how he is part of a more dominant race than minorities and having the pleasure of honoring those that made an impact in his culture and other aspects of sports would make him feel proud for himself and others. Dr. King mentions in the letter how anyone that is considered citizens in the United States would never feel the oppression and pressure that minorities suffered during the Civil Rights Movement. He explained how it can occur in any part of the system whether it would be in the justice system or society.
A dominant workforce can limit the chances of providing a safe environment towards others. When the police came, one of the white police officers used his baton to choke Raheem to death which was unnecessary. His death lead to a riot in front of the restaurant and ultimately continued inside. With the death of Raheem and misuse of the Wall of Fame, it convinced Buggin Out and his friend to bring the restaurant down to its knees. Carmichaels explains about what policemen would afraid of shooting a black men since a man refuses to stand down and how he mentions black people that they would march to white communities against law enforcement. He statement that,

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