Racism And Racism Essay

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How does stratification system take place in African American communities? Many minority Communities are subjected to racism and discrimination within/ outside their communities. The social prejudices on the black community gives an example of a caste system where you 're born into unequal groups based on their parents (race), most likely born into poverty if a minority. “Minority racial groups are more likely to experience multidimensional property than their white counterparts”, due to historical disadvantages most minorities will find it harder to find homes in a gated community or a neighborhoods that are not stricken with poverty. From slavery to segregation African will always be looked at differently, no matter how hard they work,…show more content…
From the many laws such as the jim crow law, put in place the hold African Americans back from succeeding, brings truth in Berreman’s quote. Preventing a race from Education, jobs and equal statues but to only continue to break down the race. In the the year 2017,there are White supremacist marching the streets, 8y/o biracial boy being hung, racial tensions through societies, and Police brutality, the separation in the classes causes this racial tension. The judicial system allows these things to go on with no consequences, which creates a non-superior group of people who are forced to protest to get their voices heard. Living in a time where the media broadcasts every event whether good or bad lets it all be seen and no longer be hidden within these small towns, you see people trues intentions and behavior.
The Psychology on the stratification within a community is the feeling of superiority or being egotistical. This way of thinking is found in majority of societies, in which they display this behavior. Richard L. Simpson states “There is no scarcity of potential garbagemen, but there is a scarcity of qualified physicians” meaning how important your position is determines how valued you are in your society. African Americans are not thought to be

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