Racism And Racism Essay

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There are significant differences and similarities between sexism and racism. Sexism occurs when a person’s gender or sex is used as the basis for discriminating. Females are more susceptible to sexism although males are also susceptible. Sexual harassment and rape are examples of extreme cases of sexism. Racism occurs when people of a particular race or ethnicity are discriminated against or made to feel inferior. The primary outcome of the paper after comparison is to determine most dehumanizing act between racism and sexism.
The first similarity between racism and sexism that it is a form of discrimination against people who do not have a choice of their race or gender. An individual cannot choose to be of particular race or a specific
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An individual cannot choose body color, gender or psychological level (Smith, Althea, and Abigail J. Stewart). Different attitude levels are held by people, and understanding this will guide in accepting more moral positions. Therefore, understanding the presence of more moral positions can be realized if we treat people with different thinking from ours without contempt.
Racism is based on the race of an individual while sexism is based on gender. Facial features, skin appearance, and skin tones are the definition of perceived race. It is used to direct bias and prejudice to persons’ based on racism. However, the sex of an individual is solely used to direct bias and prejudice grounded on gender. Bigotry and prejudice are forms of racism, but sexism cannot be replaced with sarcasm. For example, racism results when a white person targets a black person. It can also result when a white person who is targeted by another white person, though this is a rare case. Sexism occurs when a man targets a woman. Another form of sexism, though less common, is a man being discriminated against by a woman for being a man. The typical form of sexism is misogyny where women are rampantly affected (Swim, Janet K., et al).
Sexism is intra-cultural whereas racism is an inter-cultural practice. Mostly, sexism is domestic because it is culturally embedded. The persistence of sexism, over many centuries and in every

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