Racism And Racism Essay

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Although these reasons have some legitimacy, other issues stated such as unfamiliarity with blacks, disdain for black culture, fear of black people, especially men, and the perception that most blacks do not take care of their properties, feed directly into racial stereotypes based upon negative media depictions, and long lasting narratives about the social conditions of blacks. Many examples are given from reports by The City of Detroit Commission on Community Relations which came out of the City of Detroit Mayor 's Interracial Committee. The Interracial Committee was started by Mayor Edward Jeffries in 1943 as a result of the Detroit race riot of June, 1943. Documented in a report from the Commission on Community Relations were a few…show more content…
Black Bottom, Paradise Valley and the Urban Removal Problem Black migration into the city of Detroit relegated them to an area east of Woodward Avenue, the main thoroughfare in the metropolis, south of Grand Boulevard, north of the Grand Trunk Railroad tracks near the Detroit River and west of Gratiot Avenue (Sugrue 47; Williams 6-7). The largest concentration of blacks lived in the area called Black Bottom, originally named because of the rich black soil of the grounds, and the original settlers after the French and British colonizers, were immigrants consisting of Germans, Irish, Romanian, Italian, and Polish and Russian Jews (Williams 7-15). As more blacks moved into Detroit the immigrants stated to relocate in other parts of the city, and with the masses of people looking for jobs and improved opportunities and due to segregation overcrowding was inevitable (Sugrue 47; Winkel qtd. in Stone 94). Inadequate housing condition welcomed the newcomers as most of the homes were some of the oldest built in the city some dating back to the 1860’s and 1870’s which absent landlords converted many of them, row houses into apartments with no heat, plumbing, or kitchens (Sugrue 37). Conditions

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