Racism And Racism

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Since the 20th century the political and racial climate in the United States has changed dramatically. Most notably in the South more liberal views have been introduced and accepted and society has become more aware of its inequality- racial and otherwise- as times began to change. Measurements have been taken in order to rectify the injustices towards minorities throughout history, some of which being desegregation, the ending of Jim Crow law, and the introduction of antidiscrimination laws. On paper areas appear to be accepting of all races and peoples; however, the reality is that discrimination and racism is still prevalent in today’s society. Southern states tend to be the worst offenders, unsurprisingly so given their history and how…show more content…
In Durham today the view of black political activism differs from what it did in the past. This is largely due the change in political climate and acknowledgement and denouncement of blatantly racist ideals. Black political activism in Durham is viewed as mostly favorable and noble. Most recently in the case of the removal of the Confederate Statue in front of the Durham Courthouse, there has been widespread support across the city and country for the activists and their actions. This event, along with those that occurred in Charlottesville, has encouraged the removal of even more statues and commemorations to confederate history around the country. The event’s prompting of action by officials all over the country further serves as support for the principles that drove the activists in the first place- that paying homage to the confederate army and its intertwined history with slavery and racism is not acceptable nor should be encouraged in the public sphere. In Durham political leaders such as City Councilwoman Jillian Johnson and Councilman Charlie Reece voiced their sympathy and support for the activist in Durham and students from the area’s University’s including NC State, NCCU, and Duke came together and supported (and made of a large part of) the

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