Racism And Racism

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Breanna Robinson Robinson 1 Final Paper 15 December 2017 Dr. Monteiro The Fact of Blackness: Skin Bleaching and Black Identity in Jamaica Introduction There has been an inherent struggle related to Eurocentric and African values on the island of Jamaica. These ideologies are based on the influence that the British monarchy has, that is quite relevant to the country‘s political and social education systems. African descent Jamaicans make up majority of the population in Jamaica. Over 90% of the population is of African descent , yet there is an increase of Eurocentric values that contradict the African values of life that’s in place (Nettleford, 1978). This makes sense pertaining to the connotations of skin color, specifically in the need and the want to have a lighter skin complexion; which they believed was an indicator of what makes somebody beautiful and of a higher social class. With colonial influence lingering in the country, it is important to dissect and reflect on British colonialism framing the nation’s history on colorism and how it shows itself to be a part of modern society and culture today. Christopher Charles, a professor of Criminal Justice, discovered that people who bleach their skin with in Jamaica and a group of non-bleachers in
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