Racism And Racism

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Racism has been around for many centuries and it has affected many people around the world. Racism affects people mentally and emotionally and can cause many terrible actions to happen to people. Racism happens to every race around the world but the most common and frequent race being affected by racism are the African Americans. African Americans have been affected by racism very harshly throughout centuries and have caused many to have mental and emotional issues. African American women and children have always taken a big toll when it comes to racism. Racism has always been amongst African American women and children and it has been affecting their psychological state of mind. The meaning of racism is believing that one race is greater and superior than the others. This action causes discrimination and prejudice in the community which can cause violence. The most common race to be affected by racism is African Americans. In the psychology book, the author mentions that “Blacks are significantly more likely to have their vehicles searched during traffic stops than Whites, particularly when Blacks are driving in predominately White neighborhoods, (a phenomenon often termed “DWB,” or “driving while Black.”)” (Rojek, Rosenfeld, & Decker, 2012, Pg. 431). This is a perfect example of how African Americans are affected by racism very commonly and that many of them are afraid to go around certain neighborhoods. Racism and stereotypes are presumed to be very similar but are

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