Racism And Racism

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Have you been apart of or a witness of race or racism in our country?Race and racism has become a huge problem in today’s society. Our past as is taken up by a lot of racism and my hope is that we will be able to show that race isn’t a genetic thing, I want people to be able to talk about race without having to worry about being bashed and shamed on, and I want people to see everyone as one race the human race. Race is brought up in our social media and is always a topic being brought up. Kids grow up in a racist world and are scared of others including the people who are supposed to be there to protect them and this may not change and completely dissipate but something does need to be done. The hope is that people won’t see race as a…show more content…
With white people doing bad as well that contradicted and didn’t prove that blacks were bad and animals so to make sure they got there grants and what not they deliberately changed statistics and provided false information, and that was proven. The topic of race has yet to be proven to be genetic and there is no specific genes that can be found that says “oh this person is black, or this person is white, or this person is Mexican”. If you took Africa and put it to the side for a second and then wiped out everyone else around the world and only had Africa left you would lose an extremely small percentage of genetic variation than what you’d lose if you wiped out Africa. The races that we have created can’t be proven to be genetic but we try to prove that it is still. Race is something that isn’t real but has become real because of our society and that’s scary. People see someone who looks different and places them in a so called race and treats them differently because of it. where we draw the line of what we consider someone’s “race”. Genetically we are all practically the same. For humans only one in every one thousand genes is different, even a fruit fly has more variation than a human. The point
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