Racism And Racism

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Racism is one of the most persistent social problems that has been devaluing our society for quite a long time.In the modern world however, many policies have been implemented to ensure that racism has been stopped owing to various humanitarian reasons. For some reason however, racism still exists though in indirect means such as comic book, films and even curriculum books. These sources can easily influence readers or people who often interact with them. In this case for example, the librarian of Massachusetts elementary school believes that the books written by Dr. Seuss are racist and for that reason students should not be allowed to consume the content in the books. For that reason, the librarian rejects donations from Melania Trump while were books authored by Dr. Seuss. The librarian affirms that the author’s books are characterized by racist ideologies and propaganda.
The reaction of the librarian was somewhat unexpected since the first lady claims to be using her affluence as a platform to reach out to as many children as possible. It was only unfortunate that this time she stumbled on a block. Melania claims that since her husband assumed the office of presidency, she has been sending literature books to children across the country and never encountered such a case previously. From the first lady’s point of view, it is unfortunate for the librarian to turn her kind gesture to a divisive act. Melania further states that there were no intended intentions but help the

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