Racism And Segregation And Voluntary Segregation

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College is a time of new experiences. Often times, once you enter college you enter a more diverse setting. We come in contact with people from of all types of different backgrounds, and many of which may not even be from this country. In a world of so much diversity, it is odd to see that some people still are so stuck in prejudice and voluntary segregation. The main experience I have had with these events were when I became a member of the CURLs club on this campus. Social comparison is greatly a part of this group in regards to ethnocentrism and prejudices, and I am going to discuss my motions to change it.
Along with understanding social comparison, we must first understand social categorization. Social categorization aids us in expecting how other people should act, and how they should carry themselves. This goes into ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is people looking at others and judging them, because they are different from their own. In a research study by, Terry F. Pettijohn II of Coastal Carolina University and Ginny M. Naples of Youngstown State University, they define ethnocentrism as “Many Americans are ignorant of the various cultural differences and similarities that exist within our society and in the rest of the world. In addition to this lack of knowledge, Americans also possess varying degrees of beliefs of cultural superiority, otherwise referred to as ethnocentrism.” This happens so often on college campuses. We often judge other people and their actions,…
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