Racism And Sexism For A Brighter Future

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The description of issue due to racism and sexism is given below supported by educators articles which includes Dr. James Waller and Sikivu Hutchinson. Throughout this essay, the mission is to prevent discrimination and stereotypes for a brighter future. As we list the common issues that are occurring in america’s society that initially came from human nature of the elder generations. As we believe in a way of life that dictates what one can do and can not do because of race, gender, ethnicity, and interest. We consider these by-laws as the normal in society.

Stereotyping and racism Everyday someone is abused of their legal rights, and today people are affected by racism and sexism due to their ethnicity and gender. I ask have you ever been limited on what you can and cannot do? Many americans are limited to what careers, education, and others due to stereotyping. Stereotyping is a way that one describes what you are interested in and future careers due to just the visual of yourself and your beliefs. As I have experienced what it is like to be stereotyped, I know many other have experienced the same. Will there ever be a solution to the society error that we describe as normal? Or would you like it if someone treated you the way you treat others? Society will change over time due to the human race and their actions. Someday we will live equal lives and that is the day we will conquer world peace, but today what will we do as individuals or together to improve the…

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