Racism And Sexism : The Mountain Dew

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Racism and sexism are overwhelmingly prevalent in media, but somehow the underlying depth of the theses issues remains under addressed. It is important to become educated on these issues of racism and sexism especially violence against women, and how they systematically affect specific subsets of people. The Mountain Dew commercial is one of three, the very last commercial. It opens with a line-up of men and a goat. The woman is asked by the police officer to point to the assailant. The purpose of the paper is to analyze the Mountain Dew ad “Nasty Goat” from a cultural studies perspective by critiquing the criminalization of African American men as well as violence against women are portrayed as humorous. Douglas Kellner separated his cultural studies perspective into three parts: political economy of culture, textual analysis and audience analysis. Mountain Dew uses a cheap joke to convey humor and also pay for a popular entertainer. Domination over subordination is conveyed in this ad through gender and race. Audiences didn’t relate enough and affected people in a negative way since the television ad got banned, but didn’t harm the company itself. Cultural studies perspective articulates how the commercial touched on stereotypes of marginalized groups and how self-aware society is on them due to the outrage. Pepsi’s Mountain Dew uses conventions that are overused and negatively reflect on people of color and women. They used a well-known artist, Tyler the Creator. He

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