Racism And Stereotypes Of African American Males

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Racism and stereotypes occur greatly throughout the life of Jesmyn ward. The Men We Reaped would talk about how African American males would not leave their town because all of the influences that are around their life. So the research articles in sociology and psychology talk a lot about the stereotypes of African American males and women are more prone to stay in their home town and not do much with their life. So these articles hopefully will give insight to anybody that reads these articles and realize how people actually stereotypes African Americans. The way Men We Reaped relates to the topic that I chose and the book has material that talks a lot about racism and stereotyping. Men We Reaped by Jesmyn Ward had a lot information on racism and stereotyping against African American males. One point in the book it talks about how African American male do get out the neighbor because of the influence that in the neighborhood. The book also talks about how the guys in her life were least involved in some sort of crime. African American males are typically the one that are more stereotypes than women because they are more prone to do drugs, be in gangs, and be very aggressive. Ward did talk about the struggle that the people in life went through because there were discrimination and stereotypes in book. She did go through some of it when she went to the private school and was the black there and they did not treat her fairly. The way Men We Reaped relates to my first
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