Racism And Supremacism In The Death Certificate By Ice Cube

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It’s haunting, it’s jarring, it’s loud, it’s in your face, Ice Cube’s second album Death Certificate is a lot of things the one thing it’s not though is nice. The album opens up with the song “Wrong N**ga to F**K with”, an intense song that goes straight for the jugular. Ice Cube’s lyrical assault on everything wrong with authority, the Justice System, racism and more begins there, where he talks about beating LAPD police chief Daryl Gates, running with his posse Lench Mob; in “Wrong N**ga to F**K with” he basically says that he’s coming for everyone no holds barred. Death Certificate challenges the white supremacist the status quo because it’s a work of art that brought the problems that many people of color in America faced back into public attention, problems that white people had just swept under the rug. He questioned the fairness of authority, brought up the issue of racial profiling and called out anyone and everyone he could. With Death Certificate Ice Cube examined racism, created a national conversation on poverty, censorship, free speech, and violence which reenergized the quest in a new, younger generation for equality.
The main issue at the heart of Death Certificate is racism. In Death Certificate, Ice Cube talks specifically about White-Black racism and Asian-Black racism. Let’s start with the Asian-Black racism that’s discussed on the record. On March 29th, 1991, 15-year-old Latasha Harlins was shot by a Korean store owner while trying to purchase a bottle

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