Racism And The American Civil War

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The illusion that Racism is the same creates disturbing comments when discussing current events. Racism is defined as someone who believes their race is the superior race. The current events with the confederate flags has brought about conversation that these people are racist. This term is correct but misused when discussing the context for the choice of words. Society believes these individuals are racist because displaying the flag is assumed to display hatred. These people who proudly display the confederate flag are racist because they believe the white race is the supreme race. There is nothing wrong with that idea and they have that right to that opinion. Our government is built on the principle of freedom of speech and we can’t apply this natural right to a one way street.

It was that in 1860 to 1865 that the American Civil War widely known as the civil war took place, to determine survival of the union or independence of the confederacy. Among the 34 states, seven southern states South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas that the secession formed the United States confederacy, mostly known as the “south”. The south grew upon to include eleven states, although they claimed 13 Missouri and Kentucky that weren’t diplomatically recognized. However during this time period and all the conspiracy, of the confederate battle flag known as the “southern cross” came to the surface of what the civil war was all about, and was it…

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