Racism And The Human Race

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Hatred and disdain is the deep embedded seed that is planted in American soil, especially, in the American South towards Black’s. This seed of hatred towards Black’s is being cultivated to superciliously think that Black’s are inferior to their counterparts. The fruits of labor that is produced from this tree are bitter, distasteful and poisonous to the development of equality of the human race, especially, towards Black’s. This births forth the mentality to always fear Black’s and that Black’s are subjects that need to be submitted to subjugation in order to achieve civility of the human race. Thus, the latter mentioned develops into a deadly perception that is growing like consuming fire; in addition, this deadly perception is not only thought but also being instilled and engraved in humanity. Consequently, this is why equality for Black’s shall always be a challenge to achieve because this deadly perception infiltrates our cognitive process and morality to be colorblind. Even though we are all members of ONE human race Blacks shall never be equal to white counterparts who microscopically stigmatized Black’s through racial cultural lens and racial profiling. This paper shall implores the true legitimization of the Black Experience in the American South via objectivity and factual truths dating back from day of arrival to present. In addition, to portray the brutality and inequality that still exists. It has been approximately three hundred ninety-six years (396)
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