Racism And The Immigration Restriction Act Of 1901

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Table of Content • Introduction • What is racism? • History of Racism in Australia • Effects • Causes • Where does racism come from? • Who experiences racism? • What can be done to fight racism? • Where does racism come from? • Graph • Solution • Conclusion • Bibliography Racism Report INTO: The Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 led to the limitation of non-European migration, which became known as White Australian Policy .In 1901, 98% of people in Australia were white. Australia wanted to remain a country of white people who lived by British customs. The essay aims at analyzing the racism of people in society are all different in many ways such as having a different skin color, different races, height, short, hair and religion. The report will be divided into six topic sentences which they are what racism is, why are people racist, where does racism come from, who experiences racism and what can be done to fight racism. And it will also explain the causes and effects of Racism. Meaning of Racism- Racism is the attitudes that people have distinctive appearance and behavior which indicates their cultures often involving thought that one’s own culture is better and has the right to control others. History of Racism in Australia. A short of historical facts the exemplify the power of racist ideals in Australian the past  Australia in the 19th century was a multicultiracal country including people and communities of many different
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